Our Services

Here is the list of services we provide in-house!

Servicing Bundles

Bike Servicing

  • General Frame Cleaning​

Drivetrain Services

  • Bottom Bracket Installation/ Removal

  • Crankset Installation / Removal

  • Replacement Of Chain

  • Adjustment Of Chain Length & Tensioning

Cockpit Services

  • Replacement Of Bar, Stem, Spacer

  • Dismantling Of Bar, Stem, Spacer

  • Cutting Of Steerer Tube, Seat Tube or Handlebar

  • Adjust Sensitivity of Steerer Tube

  • Steerer Tube and Wheel Alignment

  • Replacement of Bartape

Wheelset Servicing

  • Replacement of Fixed Gear Cog

  • Mounting of Clincher Tube and Tire

  • Mounting of Tubular Tire

  • Wheel Trueing

If you require a specific service that is not specified here, feel free to contact us today via email or Whatsapp at the number provided below.